Whether you are individual consumers, or you do business with major or small retailers, we offer a wide selection of storage units to meet your unique needs.

Arnawa is capable of processing any order regardless of your unique business situation.

We are one of the best companies in Saudi Arabia and Gulf region that offer such professional services in warehousing.

Make a request at (info@arnawa.co) and mention all the items or shipment details that you want to store , then wait for a confirmation reply from us. Or You can click on Enquire Now button and fill the form.
Yes, Arnawa offers a variety of storage units sizes. You first have to check with us and give us more details about it.
Yes, our storage facilities provide luggage storage as a core service.
Yes, we can send it if it was pre-packed. We may not be able to send large items depending on the accommodation you will be staying at. Please confirm with your accommodation provider in advance.
We will charge you per hour.