Consultancy services

  • Tourism organization: Starting from planning to implementation and development, which includes different tourism areas:

    • Traditional tourism.
    • Adventure tourism.
    • Scientific tourism.
    • Family tourism.
    • Meditation tourism.
    • Business tourism.
    • Camping.
  • Product and experience development
    Identifying new products that will be attractive for a destination whether they be tours, trails, accommodation, visitor facilities, services and transport.  We also help clients improve their business, products and services. Our services will focus on planning the development of the visitor experience for destinations in Saudi Arabia.

  • Destination branding and marketing
    Strategic planning and branding,customer relationship management, and market the destinations of the client tourism project.

Tourism Services

  • Tourism support and coordination: It consists of providing services according to the framework of the partnership agreement and the retainer agreement and others.
  • Tourist guides: General and Specialized.
  • Tourist activities.
  • Accommodation.
  • Transportation locally and externally.
  • Tourism services and consultancy: Includes business development and specialized advising in the following areas:
    • Tour guides training.
    • executive seminars for business development.
    • Local culture and society.
    • Information associated with tourist attractions.
    • Historic and natural sites attractions (famous and non-famous).
    • Botanical tourism.
    • Geotourism/Ecotourism.
    • Design the tourism programs.
    • Routes and roads.

1- What is your previous experience in Al-Ula Governorate?

Institutionally, we believe we are most experienced in ِAl Ula.

Arnawa was established two years ago in Al Ula as an official tourism organization,  with Saudi founders from Al-Ula who have the love of their homeland and its heritage, and passionate adventurers. Each one of them has a variety of work experience inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

During these two years, Arnawa was able to form be a distinctive and distinguished tourist mark in Al Ula. Accordingly, it established a customer base that was not limited to individuals but included several institutions and companies where they were provided with tourism services like organizing trips and many other services; Such as: Aramco, King Abdullah University in Jeddah (KAUST), Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH), Virtual Medical Academy, US Embassy in Riyadh, and Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Riyadh, In addition to a number of internal and external tourism organizations.

2- Is there a local partner in the province or will the services be provided by you?

We provide our services directly, and we have partners.

The company provides services through field teams and support teams for communication and consultation. Most of the organization, direction, management and consultancy work is done by the company's internal team.

But in order to provide inclusive services we have established several stable and productive partnerships with local service providers. These partnerships with individuals and institutions have an open and flexible approach that includes, for example: resorts, restaurants, productive families, tour guides, farm owners and stables. And others.

3- What is the diversity of the offered activities to the province visitors?

So many activities, and many of it have never been taken place by any other organization in Al Ula.

Based on our slogan (Dare to Adventure) Arnawa focuses on creativity and innovation in our activities and experience entirely new types of tourism. Therefore, traditional tourism is considered a by-product for Arnawa , although it is easy to provide such service because of its strong domestic relations. While adventure tourism, scientific tourism and sustainable agreements with institutions represent the most important products. Arnawa is also trying to innovate in providing traditional tourism services by incorporating activities that combine adventure, knowledge and tourism.

4- Are you willing to provide various services and human resources in the province of Al-Ula?

We are definitely ready.

Arnawa has a full-time team, and has many individual and institutional agreements to cover all excess orders or services.

Internally, we are proud to have a graduate program to experience and localize our staff through field assignments, to ensure that they are suitable to help our clients. Therefore, in the case of sustainable contracts, we are confident that we can meet all the requirements of our customers in terms of quality. This includes all kinds of human resources of drivers, guides and organizers, as well as professional consultants in several languages with professional work experience in project management in addition to their extensive knowledge and culture.

5- Are you going to receive the the service requests within 24 hours, or will the service be provided only during working hours?

All the time. Flexible dealing, We are not restricted to specific time frames.